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Creates an AWS DeepRacing training environment which can be deployed in the cloud, or locally on Ubuntu Linux, Windows or Mac.


Provides a quick and easy way to get up and running with a DeepRacer training environment in AWS or Azure, using either the Azure N-Series Virtual Machines or AWS EC2 Accelerated Computing instances, or locally on your own desktop or server.

DeepRacer-For-Cloud (DRfC) started as an extension of the work done by Alex (, which is again a wrapper around the amazing work done by Chris ( With the introduction of the second generation Deepracer Console the repository has been split up. This repository contains the scripts needed to run the training, but depends on Docker Hub to provide pre-built docker images. All the under-the-hood building capabilities have been moved to my Deepracer Build repository.

Main Features

DRfC supports a wide set of features to ensure that you can focus on creating the best model: